annual report


The annual report should covey the same emotion one gets when purchasing a pair of Levi’s, a product which exceeds expectations of reliability, comfortability, and durability. The annual report should be received naturally, in a way which understands individual investors and is fitting to their individual needs. Levi’s longevity proves it is a company that understands its contemporary context, and because of over one hundred years of expertise, adapts to the needs of the industry.


Laying out type for this report was a key part of the process. I wanted to make sure the information was clear, but I also wanted to practice stretching the limits of readability, using less critical information to further emphasize important statistics.


Throughout this project, the final printed version was constantly in the front of my mind, details such as the size of the type, where the binding would land, and how I could build a professional looking product. I was very pleased with the final version.